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Edgeway Motors T/A Gweru Toyota is a well-established and known organization in the Motor Industry in Zimbabwe. It commenced operations in February 1941 as Imperial Motors. In the early 1950’s it became Cairns Motors. Cairns Motors was acquired by T.A Holdings and changed the name to T.A Motors. T.A Holdings restructured and in this process T.A Motors was sold to Scotia Holdings. Scotia Holdings changed the T.A Motors name to John L. Robinson trading as Amalgamated Motor Corporation (AMC).  On the 1st of September 2012 the company restructured whereby AMC Gweru became Edgeway Motors T/A Gweru Toyota, a wholly owned subsidiary of Scotia Holdings. The company is a fully registered member of the Motor Trade Association of Zimbabwe (MTAZ).  Gweru Toyota is a division of Amalgamated Motor Corporation (AMC) and Mike Harris Holdings.


To become the most successful and respected motor company in Zimbabwe.


To develop world class 3s and 2s dealership that enhances and drive increased brand awareness and customer loyalty.


 Unity in the Toyota Family

 Respect and Integrity